Traditional, familiar and cosy. Everything that makes a great ambience for a winery. It is only a four-minute walk from the hotel.

The foundation stone for this was laid in the early 1900's in the heart of the village of Salgesch. The winery was initially located in today's Arkanum and was rebuilt in 1980 at today's location.

The family business is committed to the best knightly virtues and writes them down as a promise on its labels: Minne, Fidélité, Le Refuge, Höllenblut, Coeur Flammé. Learn more about these terms and their origins over a delicious glass of FasCINAtion or Cinsecco.

Erno Cina from the Crusader Winery is one of the founders of Hotel Arkanum. A dream became reality.


Crusader Winery
Erno Leo Cina
Unterdorfstrasse 32
3970 Salgesch

Tel:  027 455 19 15

Home winery Fernand Cina

The Fernand Cina winery, run by a young and innovative team, is located about 10 minutes from the hotel, near the train station.

As with many other wineries in Salgesch, this is a family business that was founded in 1956 by Fernand Cina. In 1987, the sons Manfred and Damian Cina took over the winery. The modern winery has recently been enlarged by building a new building. The structure is unique and worth seeing.

The winery is well known for its wide range of specialities. An extraordinarily large number of grape varieties are cultivated on 18 hectares of vineyards, which makes it possible to offer 40 different wines. In recent years, this hard work has been rewarded and many wines have been crowned with national and international awards. At a tasting you can get to know the many different wines and also learn about their history.

Whether red, white or sweet wine, the dreams of a wine lover come true here.

You can also combine tasting and hiking with the winery. With the "Clos du Cornalin" offer, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the wine-growing village of Salgesch and let yourself be pampered with a delicious wine tasting, a Valais plate and a raclette à discrétion.

Fernand Cina has been the owner of the hotel since 2022. Before the takeover, the hotel belonged to the family shareholder company.



Fernand Cina SA
Bahnhofstrasse 27
3970 Salgesch

Tel. 027 455 09 08