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Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure through the Valais village that requires skill, teamwork and puzzle solving. Master the tricky challenges as you discover the wine village. Whether with friends, family or colleagues - experience a new kind of fun in the heart of the vineyards. Choose from various offers to suit you! Whether with lunch, dinner or an overnight stay: we'll find the right thing for you. Turn your day in the wine village of Salgesch into an unforgettable excursion full of adventure and culinary delights. Book your escape game adventure today!

Mysterious appetisers (for hotel guests): Escape games with aperitif & snacks
Escape games & aperitif: CHF 59 per person

Mysterious family time: Escape games with lunch for the whole family
Escape Games with menu of the day & aperitif: CHF 77 per person

Escape Games Gourmet
Escape games, nature park menu & aperitif & snacks: CHF 99 per person

Escape Games Night
Escape Games with dinner, aperitif & snacks & overnight stay CHF 188.- in a double room per person excl. visitor's tax (in a single room plus CHF 20.-)

from at least 4 persons


Hiking in Valais



Discover the ultimate hiking paradise in the heart of Valais!

Welcome to Valais, where majestic mountains meet lush vineyards and offer breathtaking scenery. Don't miss the chance to explore Salgesch, a picturesque wine village that is the perfect starting point for unforgettable hikes.

Choose from a variety of hiking trails to suit all tastes and fitness levels. Whether leisurely strolls along the rows of vines, challenging mountain trails with panoramic views or the fascinating Suonen trails - there is something for every hiking fan here.

In spring, Valais comes to life when nature is in full bloom and the fauna becomes active. Experience the magic of the Pfyn Finges, where countless hiking trails await you and unforgettable views are guaranteed.

For an all-round unforgettable experience, we offer customised packages, from exciting escape games to relaxed e-bike tours with overnight accommodation in summer. It's time to discover Valais at every turn!

Book your time out in Valais now and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty. We look forward to welcoming you to our charming wine village of Salgesch!


Hiking trails around Salgesch


Discover the flora and fauna around the wine village. Whether it's a short stroll through the village to the chapel or a hike through the vineyards to Sierre, we're in the heart of a very varied hiking region.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Chemin des vignes Sierre - Salgesch 2.5 h. 
  • Leukerbad - Gemmi 2 hrs. (Tip: walk around the Daubensee to the Gemmi pass)
  • Cultural trail Dala - Raspille 2-4 h (depending on route)
  • Natura Trail Pfyn Finges wine village to wine village 4 hrs.
  • Circular walk Flüealp 4-6 h.
  • Sunnu Trail Leukerbad - Jeizinen 4-6 h.
  • Unterems - Bhutan Bridge - Leuk 4 h.
  • Green lizard trail (Salquenen) 45 min.
  • Ponds of the Finges forest trail 2 hrs max.



Discover the freedom of an electric bike in the enchanting wine region of Salquenen and Sierre!

Get on our modern Pedelec and discover the picturesque cycle paths of this region, perfectly suited to cyclists of all abilities. Enjoy the gentle assistance of the motor, which is only activated when you pedal - a seamless riding experience that lets you enjoy the scenery to the full.

Our summer package offers you everything you need for an unforgettable day out:

  • comfortable accommodation
  • Electric bike hire for the whole day
  • A delicious packed lunch to keep you energised on the way
  • A unique wine tasting session to discover regional wines
  • An exquisite dinner in a warm atmosphere

Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the Valais and experience the e-bike adventure of a lifetime. Book today and look forward to some unforgettable moments in this enchanting landscape!


The e-bike is also called a pedelec. Egon Gelhard from Zurich laid the foundation for the pedelec principle in 1982 with a study, the Gelhard e-bike. The motor support depends on the pedaling power and is only given when the pedals are turning. From 2012 the e-bike became a hit and the sales figures went up. Experience a tour through the beautiful wine region around Salgesch and Sierre. There are many recommended cycle paths to discover. 


Bike tours around the wine village of Salgesch




Cycle routes in and around Salquenen :

  • Salgesch-Varen-Sierre (12.1 km / easy)
  • Route du Rhône Brigue-Sierre (42 km / easy)
  • Rhone Route Sierre - Martigny (46 km/ easy)
  • Brigue - St.Luc Anniviers (92.7 km / difficult)
  • Jeizinen (Gampel) - Sierre (32.8 km / medium)
  • Salquenen - Chemin de la Vigne - Sierre (24.3 km / difficult)

Information at: www.outdooractive.com / www.schweizmobil.ch



Salgesch is embedded in a wide valley, surrounded by the mountains of Valais and spoiled by an almost Mediterranean climate with around 300 days of sunshine a year. The village is also known among wine connoisseurs as the wine village of Salquenen. Here the vineyard plots are closer than the mountains, the sun and an exceptionally dry climate make Salgesch the center of wine-growing in Valais.

Winegrowing has been at home here for almost 1000 years and has more or less determined the history and fortunes of the charming village in the Leuk district ever since. The heyday of viticulture in Salgesch began around 50 years ago. With the change from a farming village to a wine village, the town experienced a development that still characterizes it today.

No wonder everything here revolves around wine. The same goes for the numerous events that draw travelers from all over the world to this part of the Valais year after year. Whether it's grape variety hikes, tastings in the many wineries or extensive hikes in the surrounding area, there's always something going on in Salgesch. And probably the craziest race in Switzerland, if not in the world, has its home here. At the legendary barrique race as part of the spring festival, the competitors roll, push and push large wooden barrels over the set course and inspire the visitors in their very own way.

In addition, Salgesch impresses with an environment created by nature, which makes a large variety of flora and fauna an almost tangible experience. A typical Valais village where you can live and enjoy wonderfully for a while or for a while.